1. New Blobby Boys on VICE. Click here.

  2. Blobby Boys fan art from Rick ScheunemannYahveh PerezJohnny BirknerBen SearsMichel BudelWhy Bray, Shit Lord, Planetz & Quasarz, and Meg Villain.

  3. I’m working on a Blobby Boys video game with Jordan Speer. You walk around a couple city blocks, stabbing people.

  4. New Comic on VICE today.

    (via vicemag)

  5. New Fashion Cat on VICE today. He’s staying in a hotel. Click here to read the whole thing.

  6. New Blobby Boys on VICE today. Click here to read it.

  7. New Fashion Cat on VICE today. Click here to read it.


  8. Anonymous said: Have you ever tried to get an interview with Alex Schubert?


    Kind of. we started one and then a cluster of problems happened and i have been to sheepish to follow up. 

  9. New Blobby Boys on VICE. Click here to read it.


  10. yanerlim said: I love your work man,would you ever huff spray paint w me



    I added some new drawings here.

    There are like 2 shirts left, if anybody wants one. Click here.

    Also, everything in the store is 15% off when you enter this code: movingsale

  13. vicemag:

    Blobby Boys in ‘Steroids’ – by Alex Schubert

    The Blobby Boys decide to be fitness punks, but not all of them are treating their bodies like temples.

    I drew this yesterday at like 4 am.


    I’m moving and the Pod is like $800. Help me out, buddy.

    I’m selling some original artwork here.

  15. vicemag:

    Fashion Cat in ‘Manicure’ – by Alex Schubert