1. yanerlim said: I love your work man,would you ever huff spray paint w me



    I added some new drawings here.

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  4. vicemag:

    Blobby Boys in ‘Steroids’ – by Alex Schubert

    The Blobby Boys decide to be fitness punks, but not all of them are treating their bodies like temples.

    I drew this yesterday at like 4 am.


    I’m moving and the Pod is like $800. Help me out, buddy.

    I’m selling some original artwork here.

  6. vicemag:

    Fashion Cat in ‘Manicure’ – by Alex Schubert


    I’m moving to LA on August 1st. If you ever felt like buying something from me, now is the time.

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  8. 80-0 said: Would you ever design an album cover?

    Yeah. If anyone ever wants me to draw anything, let me know: zinepolice@gmail.com

  9. Today on VICE, the Blobby Boys get a dog. What happens next??? Click here to find out.

  10. I drew this for Misma yesterday.

  11. New Blobby Boys comic on VICE today. Click here to read it.

  12. I have a new Fashion Cat comic on VICE today. Click here to read it.


  13. canadian-papi said: can we expect a blobby boys/fashion cat crossover in the near future or do those characters exist in entirely different universes?

    I think there will be a crossover.

  14. It’s Flash.


  15. Anonymous said: I fucking love your drawing style. Your work has this certain quality about it that is amazingly consistent--just so round, character's features spaced just so, all the colors look like muted or faded in the same way--and it's fantastic to look at. I'm curious, what medium(s) do you like to work with? How long did it take you to get the Blobby Boys to what they are today?

    I’ve been drawing the Blobby Boys for about 3 years. I used to draw everything with pens on paper, but this year I switched to Flash. I had to learn it for some animated stuff, and now all my comics are made just like low-budget cartoons.