Leave your caption in the notes section.

    Make sure to say if it’s for 1, 2, 3, or 4.

    You can enter as many times as you want.

    The winner gets a free copy of Cyber Surfer #2.

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  5. riak said: 1. “Now even comic books have too many commercials!” 2. “There goes the neighborhood.” 3. “Did I do that?” 4. “I’ll help you fix your car, Mr.”
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  7. bumperfunspecial said: 1) “Godammit, I put a contract out on the proof-reader for this mag ages ago, but every damn word is flawless, as per usual!” 2) “Syphilis is fun!” 3) “Whew, shadow-puppetry sure is hard work!”
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  20. butterblade said: All four: hey fuckface
  21. johnnysfryed said: 3. “I don’t think this is how you drop acid” 4. “I’m gonna chuck this at that car”
  22. acemanspaceman said: number 3 Washes those sins right out.
  23. iaviv said: 3: Dammit there go my vampire teeth!
  24. robodinoisland said: 3) yep- it’s piss
  25. craigkroyer said: (1) Ska: A Retrospective
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  27. chuzo said: 1. fuck contests
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  29. somanymopes said: (1) Buuuuut…will they understand the SUBTEXT (2) So many terlits, so few cherry bombs. (3) Awright, that was nice and quick. Who’s next? (4) Someone Else Can Do It!
  30. adamvaudin said: 1. stay awhile, we’ve got time 2, im just trying my best 3. why not try it all, if you only remember it once 4. maybe in a couple of weeks man
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  32. beyonceknowlescarter said: 4. dinner time
  33. mattcrabe said: #3 ” Her vagina offered its last droplets of moisture. I watched all my dreams float off, like remains from a dented, rusty train station ashtray.”
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  35. itslikethunderbutmorethundery said: 1: free wrestling? sweet! 2:i can show you but id rather stare at your face 3: bitch slap those tears away 4: hold the wrench up high
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  38. bluebed said: 1. “Lauren Ipsum.”
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  40. crashsuit said: 3. “I thought there would be a lot more blood”
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